The spatial distribution of foliage determines a plant capacity for light capture, which is necessary for numerous physiological process: photosynthesis, transpiration, photomorphogenesis, thermal responses…

VegeSTAR software


That is why PIAF has developed the VegeSTAR software for:

  • 3D plant visualising
  • Calculating light interception for leaves
  • Calculating plant photosynthesis


computation principle

 Data on the spatial distribution of foliage - size, orientation, position - is obtained by using a 3D digitisingtechnique.

Virtual images of digitised plant are generated, marking colours for leaf locating.

Image processing on virtual plants allows to calculate the leaf area that intercepts light; The analysis consists in determining theRedGreenBluecomponent of every image pixel .

In the photosynthesis module, irradiance calculation is made on a single leaf scale, (and coupled a leaf photosynthesis model.




The tropical fruit trees, like the mango tree, have dense foliage, made up of successive growth flushes. The oldest leaves have reduced photosynthesis capacities. Studying the light competition between growth flushes can lead the tree management to a better production.

The youngest flushes, located on the top of the tree, give the largest contribution to the tree foliage, and absorb the major part of the available light.

Interseption of light and wave in growth


Mango, leaf distribution and wave of growth


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